Governor Landry’s tough on crime agenda receives approval from the Republican controlled Legislature


The special session ended yesterday, seven days earlier than scheduled and the Republican controlled legislature approved Governor Jeff Landry’s tough on crime agenda. Landry is expected to have a bill signing ceremony next week and publisher Jeremy Alford says it’s a big political victory for the new governor.

“It was most certainly his session and it may end up being the crown jewel of his policy making time of his first term,” said Alford.

The bills approved in the special session include concealed carrying of firearms without a permit, expansion of methods to administer the death penalty, changes to the age of juvenile offenders and restrictions to parole and probation. Democrats argued against these proposals, but Alford says they never had a chance to stop them from passing.

“Democrats are really having a hard time trying to gain traction and figure where influence can be felt in this process,” said Alford.

There were bills that received near unanimous approval, the expansion of drug courts and increase penalties for carjacking and distribution of fentanyl. Will these changes actually lead to less crime? Alford says the state legislature has a history of swinging back and forth between smart on crime and tough on crime.

“As long ideology and party sways along with the folks who are elected to statewide and regional offices in Louisiana, this will be the pace and trend of policy making,” said Alford.


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