Governor restores $100M to LDH with a line-item-veto


Governor Edwards has line-item vetoed the state budget and restored $100 million to the health department. The adjustment removed $125 million that conservatives earmarked to pay down retirement debt. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat said the legislature deserves all the criticism they are receiving over the budget.

“I don’t see them challenging the governor on that. The further they push and the further they complain on that issue the more they embarrass themselves,” said Pinsonat.

The governor also restored $7.5 million to early childhood education.

Pinsonat said so far there hasn’t been a response from House or Senate leadership if the budget-line time veto by the governor will prompt a veto-override session.

“If they don’t accept it then we’re talking about a veto session. That’s not a lot of money for the legislature to call itself back in and spend a lot of money. And do they have to the votes to override the governor’s veto,” Pinsonat questioned.

The blind vote on the budget in the final minutes of the legislature, Pinsonat said was extremely irresponsible of lawmakers and he doubts the budget would be the tipping point for a veto-override session.

“Then they found out they had all kinds of screw-ups in it and the governor has to go and correct it. To have a veto session over that would make them look even more foolish than they already look,” said Pinsonat.

Pinsonat believes if anti-transgender legislation is vetoed, that conservative lawmakers would choose to return to the capitol to override the governor.

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