Governor vetoes voter canvass bill. Secretary of State calls for override.


Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin calls for lawmakers to override the Governor’s veto of a bill intended to help purge inactive voters from statewide voter roles. Ardoin says HB 646, sponsored by Sulphur Republican Rep. Les Farnum, was a good piece of legislation that passed with wide support in both chambers…:

“I think it’s an appropriate measure for election integrity, and unfortunately the Governor’s politics prevents him from signing it.”

The Governor’s veto statement says the bill is redundant, as there are already regular canvasses of the voter roles. Ardoin says the law would have helped to get names who haven’t voted in a good long while cleared away, so a more accurate picture of the state’s electorate emerges. He says this bill is important enough to come back to the Capitol for…:

“I DO urge the Legislature to override the veto, in terms of election integrity. It’s very important that we keep our roles clean.”

Ardoin feels the Governor’s veto was for political purposes, and not motivated by what’s best for state elections. He says the bill makes good sense and lawmakers should stand behind their votes for the measure…:

“They passed it overwhelmingly, and they ought to override the Governor’s veto.”

We will know by July 13th if lawmakers agree to override some vetoes or let them ride.

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