Governor’s proposed budget calls for more money for State Police, but


The Landry Administration has presented state lawmakers with a proposed 44-billion dollar budget. Commissioner of Administration Taylor Barras says the amount of state spending is about the same for next fiscal year as it is this year. He says they didn’t want to increase spending with a temporary sales tax expiring in July 2025.

“We plan from a two year cycle of expenses, initiatives, and that was really the reasoning behind our trying to keep this as flat as we possibly could.”

Barras says the proposed budget has more dollars for State Police as the governor wants to add more troopers and form a specific troop to work with the New Orleans Police Department in fighting crime.

“Just a lot of start up that goes into an effort of that magnitude. So we worked closely with them on establishing what that number would be.”

There is also 198-million dollars in the budget to maintain the temporary $2,000 pay raise teachers received last year. But some teachers might see a reduction in pay from that $2,000. Barras says the governor and Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley would like to pay more for hard to fill math and science teaching jobs or teachers in rural areas.

“Everybody gets a thousand dollars to start and then we come up with another layer of differential or hard to find or hard to teach type of qualifications.”

This is just the starting point for budget discussions. Lawmakers will spend the next few months making changes to the governor’s proposal before agreeing on a spending plan in late May or early June.

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