Harrison Ford roasts Conan O’Brien’s writing ‘Han Solo’ in podcast notes


In a new installment of his Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast, the former chat show host welcomed Harrison Ford by saying Ford was one of his favorite guests during his TV days — mostly because Ford verbally “tossed him around like a rag doll.” 

The Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny star kept up the act in the new chat, which opened with Ford pretending not to remember previously meeting Conan and challenging his research on one of his most famous roles. 

O’Brien broke the ice by talking about the big-screen icon’s “German/Irish” lineage, to which Ford took issue, noting his father was “Irish-Irish.”

Conan held up his notes, saying, “I refer you to this piece of paper right here that says born and raised in Chicago to an Irish/German father,” to which Ford jabbed dryly, “Well, if that’s the quality of your research.”

Ford then pressed him, after noting “Han Solo” was written in the notes, as well. “Right there it says ‘Harrison Ford,’ and then you had to write down ‘Han Solo.’ You can’t f****** remember that?!”

Conan countered, “Yeah, I wrote that down because I had heard you were in some of the Star Wars films and this was news to me because I’ve seen those films and I don’t exactly think you ‘pop,"” which elicited a mock shocked reaction from Ford. 

The actor asked Conan, “How come you’re not still on television?” to which Conan said self-deprecatingly, “I think it’s quite obvious why I’m not still on television.”

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