High school students in the Bayou State earn record achievement on Advanced Placement tests


Louisiana Department of Education has released the 2022-2023 Advanced Placement results which show Louisiana high school seniors have earned record achievement on their placement tests. Nearly nine thousand students earned a three or better. Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley says students who earned a three or better can earn college credits for the course.

“We’re seeing a 20 percent increase almost from pre-pandemic levels which means they can take these credits to universities here in Louisiana. And I think it just shows continued good progress at our high schools.”

In total, 41 percent of students earned a three or better on their AP exam. A record nearly 87 hundred students earned a three or better on their AP exam, a 19 percent increase from than pre-pandemic total of 73 hundred in 2019. Brumley says Louisiana must continue to raise the bar for students in the Bayou State

“Students are gaining this knowledge and skills in subjects like Biology, U-S history, English, and Calculus but we can’t stop here we have to keep pushing and making sure that kids who want college-level experiences in high school have those opportunities.”

More than 13 thousand exams were passed. Students who earned a three or better may be eligible for college credit courses that families will not have to pay for. Brumley says seniors earned the first annual increase in average ACT in six years.

“If we can give students in their high schools college-level experiences, they’re more likely to attend college – they’re likely to stay. We hope that we can continue to see a rise in the increase in our levels of performance in our high schools.”

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