Hunter Reed on SCOTUS affirmative action ruling


The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down college affirmative action programs will have little impact in Louisiana. That’s according to Higher Education Commissioner Dr. Kim Hunter Reed. She said the ruling was specific to the use of race as a factor in admissions.

“I know of no public institution in our state that is currently using race for admission decisions so in that sense I don’t think it’s a departure point from what we do now,” said Hunter Reed.

However, Hunter Reed said it is important to affirm and reaffirm the importance of diversity at higher learning institutions in Louisiana.

“And they think about diversity in the broadest sense which is what we do. It includes, of course, parents and military individuals, individuals with intellectual disabilities as well as race and ethnicity,” said Hunter Reed.

Hunter Reed said admissions will remain business as usual for public universities in Louisiana.

“The work that we do currently will continue but I know of no specific change that will have to occur in admissions practice and policies here in our state,” said Hunter Reed.

The cases heard before SCOTUS pertained to admissions at Harvard and the University of North Carolina.

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