I’ll take a half-caff latte and a Kelly Clarkson serenade, please


Patrons of a Blue Bottle Coffee shop in Culver City, California, got the surprise of their lives this week when Kelly Clarkson offered them a serenade along with their lattes and cappuccinos.

A tech entrepreneur named Arjun Rai told Entertainment Tonight that Kelly and five or six backup singers came into the shop on Wednesday morning and sang a cappella for the patrons for 90 seconds. 

Kelly and the singers were performing the song “Me” from her upcoming album, chemistry. At the end, Kelly said, “I would like a vanilla latte!” as everyone laughed.

“She was energetic and enthusiastic,” Rai said of Kelly. “Music started playing out of nowhere. It felt like a New York Broadway show.” According to Rai, Kelly posed for selfies with fans before leaving.

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