It’s a free fishing weekend in Louisiana as a fishing license is not required to drop a line


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries encourages you to grab a fishing pole and get hooked during its annual free fishing weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is allowed to fish without a license. LDWF Spokesperson Rene Lebreton says the goal is to introduce new people to the great sport of fishing.

“During COVID we definitely saw an uptick in new fishermen, especially among younger anglers and female anglers, but that’s starting to drop back down to our historical levels,” said Lebreton.

Lebreton says LDWF has also stacked adult-sized catfish and rainbow trout at 17 pounds across the state as a part of the Get Out and Fish Program.

Gambling-dot-com just ranked Louisiana as the top state in the country for fishing. The Bayou State earned the top spot because of its license cost, water area with 91-hundred square miles and the state also produced over one-point-nine billion dollars in fishing retail sales.

Lebreton says you do not need a boat to go fishing. He says there are plenty of places you can walk to and drop a line.

“On our website there’s a little tool that says outdoor explorer and there’s a fishing tab that will show some opportunities for bank fishing pier fishing around the state, there’s a little interactive map,” said Lebreton.

Fishing regulations including size, season, catch limits, and gear restrictions will remain in effect this weekend. Anyone who decides to continue fishing for the remainder of the year is required to purchase a state fishing license.


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