It’s Official. State lawmakers to hold a veto override session for a third consecutive year


Lawmakers will return to the State Capitol for an override veto session on Tuesday. House Speaker Clay Schexnayder says Governor Edwards vetoed 25 bills and specific items in three different budget bills.

“Any legislator can come down and request a vote on his or her veto and it takes 70 votes to override it on the House side and then it goes to the Senate and they will have to get a two-thirds vote as well,” said Schexnayder.

Lawmakers had until midnight Thursday to cancel the veto session, but the votes fell short of a majority vote needed in either the House or Senate.

Schexnayder says the governor’s veto of a bill to ban gender affirming care of transgender minors has motivated Conservative lawmakers to hold a veto session for a third consecutive year.

“I think that will definitively be one, the other one I got a lot of calls on was Les Farnum’s bill, the canvassing bill,” said Schexnayder.

Representative Les Farnum’s bill would move voters to an inactive list if they have not voted in ten years and they would then be purged from the voter rolls if they do not correspond with the Secretary of State’s Office or fail to vote in two federal elections.

Twelve members in the Senate and 31 members in the House voted to cancel the override veto session. The Legislature will meet at noon on Tuesday.

The override veto session is scheduled to take five days. The Legislature successfully overrode the governor’s veto of a new Congressional district map last year, but in 2021 legislators failed to override a veto of a bill that banned transgender athletes from playing girls sports.



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