JC Chasez teases musicals, concept album and new project with a “modern sound”


JC Chasez is the most reclusive member of *NSYNC, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lot going on.

First off, he’s appearing in a new commercial for, of all things, Meow Mix cat food, in which he sings and dances with a cat group called the Tabby 5. 

He tells People, “A million people can say, ‘Hey, we got this idea and it’s a boy band.’ And you’re like, ‘Yes, I’ve heard that before. Yes, I’ve heard that before.’” He laughs, “But when they go, ‘Listen, we have a boy band made of cats and the cats are going to be dancing.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, let’s do that."”

In addition, JC says he’s working on two different musicals, and he’s considering releasing a concept album based on one of them, featuring the songs he wrote for it. On top of that, he tells People, “There are two other things that are going to actually … well, I don’t know if both will come out. I know one’s going to come out.”

“There’s going to be something that comes out in the very near future that has my voice on it which will be fun, but I’m not supposed to talk about that yet,” he teases.  He adds, “The new project will have more of a modern sound.”

To fans who just want to hear him sing regular stuff, JC says, “My favorite thing is to create. I could care less about hearing myself. What’s more important to me is putting something out there in the world. Just making something is more important to me.”

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