Jeff Landry raises has a huge advantage in campaign funding in Governor’s race


New campaign finance numbers show Republican Jeff Landry has a huge advantage in available dollars over his opponents. Landry reported raising 4.5 million dollars from April 8th to July 7th and has nine-point-two million dollars on hand. ULM Political Science Professor Pearson Cross said,

“I am stunned a little bit by the amount of money Jeff Landry has raised and the distance he’s created between himself and the rest of the Republicans in the race.”

Republicans John Schroder and Stephen Waguespack have about two million dollars in cash on hand and so does independent Hunter Lundy. Cross called that a respectable total,

“These figures are all good for those candidates. If Jeff Landry weren’t so far in front money-wise it would mean more.”

Republican state legislators Sharon Hewitt and Richard Nelson have less than a million dollars on hand and so does Democrat Shawn Wilson. Cross said,

“Of course he hasn’t bee actually raising money to run for governor the way Jeff Landry has, for example, but that is a very low dollar amount for a statewide office.”

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