Jelly Roll gets candid in upcoming documentary: “I struggle with imposter syndrome a lot”


Jelly Roll is not afraid to get brutally honest with fans in his ABC News Studios-produced documentary, Jelly Roll: Save Me.

“I’ve been in and out of jail my whole life, man. I’ve hurt so many people along the way, and I still feel that guilt. And that still comes from that place of worthlessness,” Jelly Roll reflects in an exclusive clip previewing his documentary. “I struggle with imposter syndrome a lot. I struggle with survivor guilt just as much.”

The music superstar’s checkered past is no secret. He battled addiction, spent time behind bars and struggled with mental health issues prior to ascending to stardom. And some days, those memories and early demons still haunt him.

“At what point also do you make peace with? And you quit apologizing, you actually move on? At what point do I not feel like I have to carry the sins of my past anymore, that I’ve finally been redeemed of them, or I’ve done enough to justify that I don’t have to live back here for much longer?” Jelly Roll asks, before remarking, “Who’d have thought I can help people? I needed help. You know, I still need help, God.”

Jelly Roll: Save Me premieres on Hulu May 30.

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