Jessica Simpson was miffed her daughter saw a Katy Perry concert before seeing her perform


It’s been a while since Jessica Simpson focused on her music, but now she’s determined to reboot her singing career — so her kids can finally see her perform.

“I’m doing this as a mother now … they’ve never seen me do this,” Jessica tells Bustle of relaunching her music career. “I have my daughter taking a private plane with [Kim Kardashian‘s daughter] North West to go see Katy Perry in Vegas. And inside I’m like, ‘She was supposed to see me first."”

“Then I’m like, ‘This is not competitive, Jessica. Let your daughter enjoy Katy Perry,"” Jessica continues. “But there’s moments that make me want to do it — for them to see that color of me.”

One thing her kids have seen her do is appear on reality TV: She says she watches clips of the show that made her a household name, Newlyweds, with Maxwell, Ace and Birdie Mae, ages 11, 10 and 4. And soon they’ll see her in a new show, she tells Bustle.

Jessica, 42, says she’s teaming up with some of the Newlyweds crew for a docuseries that will focus on her return to music. Asked what her new music sounds like, she says, “I am genre-less.” But again, she’s doing it for the kids.

“If they don’t see me following my dreams and fighting for what I believe in — and fighting for who I am and my place in this world — they’ll never do it for themselves,” she says. “And they’ll just be on Instagram thinking that’s what’s perfect. It’s not.”


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