Jimmy Kimmel shares wild hawk homecoming after sons heart surgery


Late night host Jimmy Kimmel shared an update in his opening monologue Wednesday about his 7-year-old son Billy‘s third successful open heart surgery — and video footage of a wild homecoming from the hospital.

As reported, Jimmy first shared the latest news of Billy’s medical procedure via Instagram, before opening up further on his show.

“We’re back to work after an extra, extra long holiday weekend we spent most of it at Children’s Hospital [Los Angeles], our son Billy had an open-heart surgery. He’s doing very well,” Kimmel began to a crowd of applause.

“We went in the hospital on Thursday morning and we got home Monday, and not an hour after we walk in … from the hospital with our son, this happens,” he said, rolling a video clip his wife, Molly McNearney, recorded in their kitchen.

Jimmy was seen holding a broom and attempting to encourage a hawk that had flown inside to fly back out.

Kimmel attempted to usher the fumbling bird toward a window, before it flew across the kitchen and smacked into a wall. The bird eventually got itself reoriented and flew out the sliding glass door, to applause from the studio audience.

Kimmel also recalled that on the day of Billy’s surgery, his wife “saw a mourning dove — and is apparently an omen of death and she was very freaked out by it,” he said. “We get home from the hospital and the hawk flies in and kills the mourning dove, kills the omen of death.”

Back in 2017, Jimmy tearfully shared with his audience that Billy had undergone his first open-heart surgery at just 3 days old. He had another when he was 7 months old.

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