Kelly Clarkson proves Jonas Brothers’ “Year 3000” lyrics wrong with new album


Back in 2007 when Jonas Brothers released the song “Year 3000,” they probably didn’t think one of the lyrics could possibly come true in their lifetime. But it turns out one of their predictions about what would happen in the future is now officially incorrect.

JoBros sing, “Everybody bought our seventh album/ It had outsold Kelly Clarkson.” By a twist of fate, the group released their seventh album this year — and Kelly also put out a new album. Unfortunately, their album did not outsell Kelly’s.

Specifically, JoBros’ recent release, The Album, sold 52,000 units in its first week, while Kelly’s chemistry has just debuted with first-week sales of 53,000 units. Sorry, guys.

And for those fans who’ve debated whether or not The Album is the group’s sixth or seventh album, apparently Kevin Jonas has decided it’s their seventh.

Fun fact: “Year 3000” is actually a cover of a 2002 song by the British group Busted and the original lyrics said “It had outsold Michael Jackson.” Perhaps JoBros wanted to set their sights a little lower.

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