Kelly Clarkson teases future Broadway project: “I am working on something”


While we’ve heard her sing show tunes from time to time, Kelly Clarkson has never actually appeared in a Broadway musical — but she says it’s something she’s actively working on.

In a new interview on TalkShopLive, Kelly talked about moving her talk show and her family to New York City, and told Nancy O’Dell one reason she’s excited about it is that she’s “in love with theater and Broadway and all of that.”  

When O’Dell asked her if she’d ever “do Broadway,” Kelly said, “Eventually I would love to do something. I’m in the works of, like, writing something right now. Like, I am working on something for Broadway.”

Explaining why she prefers to perform live onstage, rather than in movies or TV, Kelly said, “That’s kind of how I grew up and I like that you don’t have to repeat it 50 times. I want to go out there and have the energy that you’re supposed to have for that show and I want it to be what it’s going to be and it’s different every night and I think that’s fascinating.”

“There’s a different kind of energy to that you don’t get anywhere else, other than tour, I guess,” she noted, adding, “So, I’m working on something.”

Kelly also spoke with O’Dell about her new album Chemistry, and whether or not she’s still open to love after her painful divorce.

“I think a lot of people jump out of relationships and jump right into another one,” Kelly said. “I’m not judging…but I just think maybe it’s a bad decision in the long run. So I feel like I’m taking time for me and my kids and enjoying this move, enjoying New York. But I mean, yeah, if it comes along, I’m not an idiot.”

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