Kenny Wayne Shepard is looking for a local band


The Kenny Wayne Shepard band is performing at the Raising Canes River Center July 13th in Baton Rouge, and they are taking submissions for a local opening act with a Battle of the Bands competition at the Texas Club on June 21st.

Kenny Wayne Shepard says if he has a chance to include bands from his home state of Louisiana in his shows he will jump at the chance.

“I remember when I was young and up and coming it was always great to put on your resume that you opened up for an international  touring act.”

Shepard says just about any band that does a great show will fit the bill and they are not limiting the search to blues and rock bands.

“So what we really want is just a band that has all the right stuff and puts on a great show for our crowd.”

Opening for an international touring act is a huge opportunity for a local band to be able to use this platform and b grow their audience base, says Shepard.

“Anytime you’re on a stage in front of an audience other than the one you already have that’s an opportunity to win over new fans and expand your own audience.”

The band’s original opener, Blues legend, Jimmie Vaugh had to step down due to a cancer diagnosis.

Eagle 98.1 is taking submissions from June 5th through the 12th.

Go to and click on “Battle of the Louisiana Bands” for more info.

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