Kesha follows this life advice from Beyoncé


Many people take inspiration from Beyoncé, but how many can say that the superstar personally gave them advice? Well, Kesha can, apparently.

In an interview with WSJ Magazine, Kesha revealed that Beyoncé gave her the piece of advice that continues to guide her throughout her life.

“Beyoncé once told me, keep a circle of good people and weed out the snakes in your life,” Kesha said.

Kesha also said there’s another piece of advice she always follows — and it’s from record producer Rick Rubin, who she collaborated with on her latest album, Gag Order.

“Rick Rubin told me art is where you put the madness,” Kesha said.

The process of creating Gag Order with Rubin was, according to Kesha, “such a beautiful experience,” though the musician acknowledged it was not easy to make.

“I would, like, scuba dive down into all these emotions and then at the end come up for air,” Kesha said. “He made this incredibly safe space. He provided a stable ground to jump into the emotions.”

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