KISS’ Gene Simmons impressed after visit to Parliament


KISS bassist Gene Simmons made a surprise appearance in, of all places, U.K. Parliament, where he sat in on a PMQ session, a weekly session where members of Parliament get to ask the prime minster questions.

Simmons, who was a guest of Democratic Unionist Party MP Ian Paisley, seemed to be impressed by what went down and felt the U.S. could learn some things from how the Brits act.

“What I just saw in there was controlled chaos. It was the clash of wills but respectful – the right honorable so and so, it was fascinating,” Simmons said, according to the BBC. “I think Americans can take a big lesson in civility in how to make democracy actually work and still respect the other side.”

Simmons also seemed to admire the history and age of Parliament, noting it was something Americans don’t really understand.

“America is so young and has no sense of history, everything over there is just fast, immediate, instant gratification and there’s no time to sit there and just gaze, I mean, look where you are – it’s insane,” he said. “We’re standing on, in terms of democracy, hallowed ground.”

Simmons was in England for the kickoff of the band’s U.K./European leg of their End of the Road tour. It hits Prague on Saturday, June 10. A complete list of dates can be found at

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