LA Wildlife Commission to establish regulations for the return of Black Bear hunting season


The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meets today to establish regulations for the return of the Black Bear hunting season. Monroe Senator Stewart Cathey believes the commission will initially introduce a limited 2024 hunting season.

“Which is think is probably smart, just to make sure that we get all the kinks out and to make sure we do this responsibly and then to see it continue to grow I think is a step in the right direction,” said Cathey.

The increasing Black Bear population inspired Cathey to introduce legislation for the season’s return. After years of helping preserve the species, he said now they’ve become a nuisance.

“The bear has no predator in the wild so there’s nothing for it to be afraid of and so that just tends to create problems for landowners and hunters who are just trying to enjoy the outdoors,” said Cathey.

Cathey credits hunters and fishermen as being the best conservationists. When the American-Alligator population in Louisiana was almost extinct he credits responsible outdoorsmen in the state.

“Through responsible measures, responsible practices we’ve certainly seen the alligator thrive, the same thing with the Wild Turkey,” said Cathey.

LDWF said Black Bears in Tensas make up half or more of the state’s population. The meeting begins at 9:30 this morning.


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