Landry in talks to increase the number of National Guardsmen deployed to the Texas border.


Governor Jeff Landry started sending a rotation of 50 Louisiana Army National Guardsmen to the Texas border this March to help secure the border against illegal crossing. The three-month deployment is coming to an end and Landry says he is in talks with Texas Governor Greg Abbot to send more Louisiana Guardsmen to Texas.

We would like to talk to them again some more about maybe sending some more troops down there.  He could use them.  I know that the season of the witch, the biggest migratory surges that they see actually happens the  around this time.”

Landry says by having a presence of National Guard troops from Louisiana, especially during this time of year when illegal immigration is a big deterrence for illegal crossing.

“What we’ve seen is that when you place those guardsmen on the boarder we have absolutely seen a reduction in the number of illegal entries into the state of Texas.”

Louisiana’s deployment due to wrap up this month has cost around $3 million.

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