Landry on why city leaders are not on New Orleans transition committee


Governor-elect Jeff Landry has been criticized for forming an exploratory committee on the city of New Orleans that doesn’t include city leaders. He said right now the committee is solely focused on identifying concerns.

“And impediments that keep the city of New Orleans from looking like Nashville or Charleston, maybe not running like them. It’s all about appearances and the way that that city functions,” said Landry.

The Republican said committee members plan to meet with city leaders when they have solutions.

“Because you can’t come offer solutions until you’ve accurately identified the problem. So, we intend to work with them and anyone else who wants to fix the city of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana,” said Landry.

No one from the mayor’s office, the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office nor the New Orleans Police Department were asked to sit on the committee. The Attorney General campaigned that he was the best candidate to address rising crime, an issue that has plagued the Crescent City.

“We know based upon the statistics that the city has some major problems,” said Landry.

The committee is chaired by former Bollinger Shipyards CEO Boysie Bollinger.


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