“LAPolitics” Jeremy Alford: Governor’s veto of transgender bills may be what triggers veto override session


Speculation continues to build as to whether state lawmakers will seek to override any of Governor John Bel Edwards’ vetoes this year. Some of his vetoes were met with little reaction, but his killing of the so-called “Stop Hurting Our Kids act”, which bans transgender medical procedures for minors, is drawing Republican ire. “LaPolitics.com” publisher Jeremy Alford says that bill alone could be what triggers a majority of lawmakers to vote to return to the Capitol…:

“Now that there’s enough lawmakers that are ready to override this transgender-related veto, I think some folks are hoping to “piggyback” on that, and at least bring up some votes on these other issues.”

In addition to three bills deemed to be anti-LGBT, the Governor also vetoed bills to phase out corporate franchise taxes, another to block future vaccine mandates, one to grant credits for fortifying one’s home to withstand hurricanes and several others. Alford says the transgender bill veto could open a flood gate of override efforts…:

“That is the big issue. That is what’s driving lawmakers into this session. But once lawmakers get into a veto session (should they hold one) they can vote on any legislation vetoed by the Governor.”

A veto override session is automatic, UNLESS a majority of lawmakers in either chamber vote NOT to reconvene. Those mail-in votes are due by Thursday. Some lawmakers may simply seek to re-file the bills next year, but Alford says those who seek re-election this fall are feeling political pressure to countermand the Governor…:

“The Republican Party Chairman, Louis Gurvich, has already threatened lawmakers that they need to deliver on this veto override or (quote) suffer the consequences.”

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