Law enforcement on alert for upcoming Cricket World Cup in New York


(NEW YORK) — The upcoming Cricket World Cup in Nassau County, New York, along with associated events in New York City, could be viewed by extremists as “an attractive opportunity to perpetrate acts of violence or disruption,” according to a new assessment by the NYPD Intel Bureau.

“Recent pro-ISIS propaganda which specifically referenced the upcoming India-Pakistan match at this major event, coupled with sustained official and supporter-generated propaganda highlighting large scale sports venues as priority targets, raises concerns and reinforces the need for heightened vigilance among public and private-sector security partners,” the NYPD said.

The NYPD assessment, obtained by ABC News, references the March attack outside of Moscow along with a series of other incidents that underscore the current threat environment. It also mentioned a May 28 posting on a pro-ISIS channel that showed a hooded figure with a rifle on its back and drones in the background that mentioned “Nassau Stadium.”

The assessment was distributed to law enforcement throughout the region.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Wednesday there would be elevated security measures in response to a possible threat including “increased law enforcement presence, advanced surveillance, and thorough screening processes.”

The governor’s office said there is credible public safety threat.

The International Cricket Council’s Men’s T20 World Cup is scheduled to start on June 3 in Nassau County, New York.

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