Lawmakers override Governor’s veto of “Stop Harming Our Kids Act”


Louisiana lawmakers have succeeded in overriding the governor’s veto of a bill that bans doctors from performing medical procedures that attempt to alter the biological sex of a minor. Pollock Representative Gabe Firment has called the bill the “Stop Harming Our Kids Act.”

“Simply protects children in Louisiana from harm by ending the use of experimental and irreversible chemical and surgical medical procedures on children suffering from a mental health condition called gender dysphoria.”

New Orleans Representative Jason Hughes agreed with the governor’s veto message that the legislation is unconstitutional.

“This bill violates the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause because it targets and limits health care to transgender children that remain available to quote, ‘normal children’.”

The House overrode the veto by five votes, on a 75-23 vote. Firment said 20 other states, including many in the South, have passed similar legislation.

“If we don’t pass this bill, Louisiana will be come the destination for children across the entire south to undergo these life-altering, irreversible medical experiments.”

A federal judge last month struck down the Arkansas version of the trans youth health care ban. Firment’s bill is set to go into effect in January. St. Martinville Senator Fred Mills voted no as he believes the Legislature should not get involved in the relationship between a patient and a child.

“I’ve never seen a physician say, ‘I want to harm a child.’ I’ve not seen any cases in front of the board of medical examiners where there’s surgeries taking place. I’m not seeing any of that

The gender affirming care bill as some have called it, is the only bill that lawmakers successfully vetoed. The governor issued over two dozen vetoes from the recently completed legislative session.

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