LDH launches a new dashboard to track trends in respiratory virus statewide


The state Department of Health is allowing Louisianans to track trends in COVID-19, flu, and RSV statewide through its new respiratory virus dashboard. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says the portal provides data on the number of deaths, hospitalizations admissions, and emergency visits.

“It provides valuable information to people. Guiding what type of precautionary measures they may want to take and what the risk is in the community of being exposed to these viruses at any one point and time.”

The Louisiana Respiratory Virus Surveillance program is made up of a network of hospitals and clinical-based laboratories that submit data weekly. Kanter says data can be filtered by date and the state’s public health regions.

“We have nine public health regions in the state. So people can look at what the emergency department visits for these viruses look like at any region at any point and time or statewide.”

The portal also offers resources on vaccine locators, respiratory virus updates, and cases by age and gender. Kanter says Louisianans can also find the number of patients admitted each week with a respiratory virus.

“About five percent of all ER visits are due to people seeking care for respiratory viruses. All of those combined flu, RSV, and COVID and you can break that down further and see what each of those individual viruses represent.”

Kanter says latest data shows flu cases make up three-percent of all ER visits, Covid two percent, and combined respiratory illnesses six percent.

View the state’s respiratory virus dashboard at ldh.la.gov/respiratory-home.

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