LDWF anchors first fish attracting devices in the Gulf of Mexico


Louisiana sportsmen will soon have a new gadget to help them bring home the catch of the day. LDWF Artificial Reef Program has deployed its first-ever Fish Attracting Device (FAD) buoys in the Gulf of Mexico.  Artificial Reef Coordinator Mike McDonough says fishing enthusiasts presented the idea but it took a lot of time and research…

“This is an idea that actually came to us from our anglers. They’d come aware that some buoys were being deployed off of Florida. It took a little bit to consider it and look into it but we figured out we could do one as well and we now have one out in the water.”

The device is located 30 miles southeast of Venice. The device is visible above the water in the Gulf of Mexico which makes it easier for anglers to locate. McDonough says the device gives fishers an idea where they can cast their rods for larger fish…

“It is those fishing opportunities for our anglers who want to target those pelagic species like tuna, wahoo, and some of the billfish.”

To keep them in place, the devices are anchored using concrete blocks that connect to the buoys with chains and rope. McDonough hopes the new devices are beneficial for commercial fishers and anticipate deploying more in the future…

“This is our first one for Louisiana. We’re optimistic that it will go well and that maybe we might even want to do more someday.”

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