Legislation signed that makes it a crime to be within 25 feet of a law enforcement officer when they are performing their duties


Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill into law that would make it a crime to stand within 25 feet of a police officer after they order you to stand back. Bill author, Republican Representative Bryan Fontenot of Thibodaux.

“Yes, I think first and more importantly its an honor to serve next to a governor that once worn a badge and the men and women behind us that swore to protect us.”

Fontenot says that violence against police officers is on the rise.

“There was a delicate balance of finding a safe distance for police officers doing their job and the person being affected an arrest on.”

ACLU Policy Strategist Stephanie Willis says the legislation stops Louisianians’ ability to hold police accountable, impractical to enforce and violates a citizens 1st amendment rights.

“Having the ability to observe police interaction is fundamental in our constitution and its one of the ways we can hold police officers and law enforcement accountable.”

Anyone that fails to stay at least 25 feet from law enforcement after being told to stay away could face up to 60 days in prison or a $500 fine under the new law.

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