Legislation to allow adult non-felons to carry a concealed firearm without a permit is dead for the session


Legislation seeking to allow non-felon adults to conceal carry a firearm without a permit is dead for the legislative session. Oil City Representative Danny McCormick decided to pull it from consideration, because of amendments senators were proposing to put on the bill.

“Mr. Chairman after talking with our group, we’d like to voluntarily defer it at this point,” said McCormick.

McCormick made that statement before the Senate Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee.

Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau wanted to add an amendment to make sure training would still be required to conceal carry. Luneau says at a gun store in his district, he saw a young man interested in purchasing a handgun, but told the gun shop owner he didn’t know how to load the weapon.

“If that doesn’t demonstrate that this could be problematic without some just little bit of training, I don’t know what else does,” said Luneau.

McCormick’s “Constitutional Carry” legislation as he likes to call it, also died late in the 2022 legislative session. In 2021, Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed the bill.


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