Legislation to require convicted DWI drivers to install ignition locking device advances to House committe


Legislation that would require drivers convicted of a DUI to install an ignition locking device in their vehicle unanimously cleared the Senate. Baton Rouge Senator Rick Edmonds says the interlock device will not let the car start unless it knows the driver is sober.

“It’s on your ignition so it can not start when you blow into the tube and obviously if you’ve been drinking and you’re pass the legal limit, then you would not be able to crank your car.”

The bill increases the use of the device to a minimum of six months for first time offenders. In 2021, 299 people were killed in crashes that involved a driver who had been drinking, according to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

Edmonds points out thirty states already have this law on their books. He says it also allows the state to qualify for federal grant money from the National Traffic Safety Administration.

“Could be as much as four million dollars. And we can put that back into helping those people that are having struggles.”

LHSC report reveals 40 percent of all crashes in the state were alcohol related.

Edmonds says its time to do more to change the negative behavior and help save lives,”. He says it also expands the requirement  for multiple DUI offender to have the interlock device on their vehicle for four years.

“If they’re getting multiple offenses, they need to be shut down. We need to keep people off the streets that are driving while intoxicated.”

The bill will be discussed in the House this week.

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