Letlow wants to help rural public safety agencies


Louisiana Congresswoman Julia Letlow is co-authoring legislation to provide rural communities with grants to upgrade their police and fire departments. Letlow said it’s time to step up and help our first responders in small towns.

“This bill will prioritize new grants for small and rural public agencies that will be focused on upgrading local law enforcement and fire department facilities that serve fewer than 50,000 residents,” said Letlow.

Letlow said if the BUILD Act passes every community in her district of 24 parishes would be eligible.

“Those that are in need could apply for this grant program, small and rural public safety agencies need help to upgrade their facilities,” said Letlow.

Many rural facilities are still operating out of facilities built in the 1980s and with a small tax base Letlow said they are unable to adequately fund any upgrades.

“They don’t have updated facilities to fight modern fires and meet the standards of modern policing. Our local departments need 21st-century capital infrastructure and so that’s exactly what this BUILD Act would provide,” said Letlow.

The grants would be distributed through the Department of Justice and FEMA. $250 million will be allotted annually for the grant program over a three-year period.


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