Lewis Capaldi cancels all his shows until June 24: “I need a moment to rest and recover”


In his recent Netflix documentary How I’m Feeling Now, Lewis Capaldi talked about his struggles with anxiety. Now, the Scottish singer is hitting pause on his touring schedule for the sake of his mental health.

In an Instagram message, he writes, “I’m going to have to cancel all commitments from now until I play Glastonbury on June 24th.” He goes on to explain that “the last few months have been full-on, both mentally and physically” leading up to the release of his new album, Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent.

“I haven’t been home properly since Christmas and at the moment, I’m struggling to get to grips with it all,” he writes. “I need to take a moment to rest and recover, to be at my best and ready for Glastonbury and all the other incredible shows coming up so that I’m able to continue doing what I love for a long time to come.”

The singer goes on to say that he wants to spend the next three weeks being plain old “Lewis from Glasgow,” spending time with friends and family, and doing “normal life things that are an important part of me feeling better.”

He then apologizes to fans who’ve spent money on travel and hotels, writing, “The fact that you’re willing to come out and spend your time, money and love on these shows is beyond comprehension and I feel incredible lucky.”

“I’m getting all the help and support I need from the incredible people around me who I’m so grateful for,” he concludes. “I take none of this for granted and I can’t wait to be back doing it again.”

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