LFT President hopeful lawmakers will finalize budget with teacher pay raises


Lawmakers have yet to decide on the final figure for teacher pay raises. President of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers Larry Culver said it looks like legislators have settled on $2,000 for teachers and $1,000 for support staff pay increases.

“While we’ve certainly fallen behind the southern regional average, we think it’s at least a step in the right direction, are we’re hoping that in the next two weeks that it’s actually finalized,” said Culver.

Culver said the original request of $3,000 for teachers and $1,500 for support staff would be extremely welcome news.

While neighboring states have increased teacher pay, Culver said this is the time of year when educators look at other opportunities, so timing is everything to keep more qualified teachers from leaving the Bayou State.

“We must do all we can to at least be competitive in offering teachers a way to not only just sustain their own families but to take care of those students that we entrust to them,” said Culver.

Most teachers were unable to attend legislative committee meetings and voice their concerns in person to lawmakers, Culver said approximately 38,000 letters were sent to legislators on their behalf.

“Just because it says summer vacation doesn’t mean that teachers aren’t working second or third jobs and also preparing for the next school year during the summer,” said Culver.

According to the Southern Regional Education Board, in 2021 the regional average is $55,676 and the average in Louisiana is $52,472.


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