Long-lost Steely Dan song “The Second Arrangement” discovered


A thought-to-be-lost Steely Dan track from the ’70s has found its way online for the very first time.

According to the Expanding Dan website, the track “The Second Arrangement” was erased by a studio technician in 1979 and thought to be lost forever. But now the family of the band’s late longtime engineer Roger Nichols has uncovered a previously unknown copy.

Nichols’ daughters Cimcie and Ashlee discovered the tape, labeled “Second ARR,” in 2011 while packing up the family home. Not knowing what to do with it, Cimcie simply brought it to her Los Angeles home. In 2020, during the pandemic, she started going through her dad’s things and posting interesting items to Facebook, including a picture of the tape. The photo quickly went viral, with Steely Dan fans wanting to hear it. 

Cimcie then brought it to a studio in Los Angeles, where it was transferred from cassette to a new case. When they played it, they discovered “The Second Arrangement,” as well as an instrumental of the song. “Were You Blind That Day,” which eventually became “Third World Man,” was also on the tape.

Fans can now listen to it on the Expanding Dan site. Cimcie plans to put it up for auction soon in order to earn money that will, in part, go toward a documentary about Nichols.

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