Louisiana Black Bear hunting season set December 2024


The Louisiana Wildlife Commission officially adopts a Notice of Intent to permit a Black Bear Hunting season to return to Louisiana. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Large Carnivore Program Manager John Hanks said it will be next December in northeast Louisiana, for 16 days and limited to ten hunters.

“Lottery winners will get those ten tags. So, there is no quota, there’s no call a number at the end of the day and see how many bears have been killed. If you’ve won a tag then you have that tag for the duration of the season or until you take your bear,” said Hanks.

It will only be allowed in Tensas, Madison, East and West Carroll Parishes, and portions of Richland, Franklin, and Catahoula Parishes.

The estimated Black Bear population in Louisiana is 1,212.

Hanks said the limit of ten was chosen with the belief that if those killed were all female it would not destabilize the state’s Black Bear population. But they hope the majority of the ones harvested are male.

“During the time of the season females should be less active, they should be going to the den. But we’re setting it up for worst case scenario cause we don’t know, we haven’t hunted bears in Louisiana in decades,” said Hanks.

A Black Bear hunting season hasn’t been allowed since the late 80s in Louisiana. Hanks said lottery winners for the proposed limited December 2024 season will have to undergo training first.

“And while our hunters are steeped in hunting culture there’s not a lot of old-time bear hunters that live in Louisiana,” said Hanks.

A 90-day commenting period must take place before the season is officially adopted. The lottery is expected to take place next Fall.

To learn more about what to do if you see a bear or how to avoid an encounter visit bearwise.org.

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