Louisiana college to kick off first-in-the-state wind turbine program this fall


Nunez Community College in Chalmette is set to start an associate’s program training students as entry-level wind turbines, the first such program in Louisiana. Dean of Instruction Reggie Poche says there’s plenty of room for the program to grow.

“You know, as they say, we’re putting the cart before the horse in that our program is going to take in students prior to there being any wind forms [turbines] in the Gulf of Mexico,” says Poche.

Nunez has the first wind-energy related degree program in the state, having receiving approval from the Global Wind Organization earlier this year. Poche hopes this program will push the state to modernize its energy sector, since, “we have a highly skilled workforce here in Louisiana that already is on solid footing for transitioning us into another way of creating energy in this country.”

Besides hands-on training for a field with above average pay— starting pay for a wind turbine technician is $10,000 above Louisiana’s median income— Poche says there’s another reason to consider becoming a wind turbine technician at Nunez.

“We currently are in the position to offer scholarships— full scholarships— to the first twenty students who enroll in our inaugural cohort in this program,” Poche says.

The program is set to begin in the Fall 2024 semester.

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