Louisiana Democratic Party endorses Shawn Wilson in governor’s race


The state Democratic Party officially endorses former DOTD secretary Shawn Wilson as their candidate in the 2023 governor’s race. UL-Monroe political science professor Pearson Cross said it’s interesting because it’s usually the Republican Party that issues endorsements in an effort to unite party members to support one candidate.

“But now tables have turned, and Democrats need to unite in order to have a chance going of the six or seven viable Republican candidates,” said Cross.

The Republican party made their endorsement of Jeff Landry very early in the governor’s race before any other Republicans even announced their candidacy. Cross said the business of endorsements is an odd one.

“Right now, the odds-on favorite to make the run-off are in fact the endorsed candidates of the Republican party, Jeff Landry, and the Democratic party, Shawn Wilson,” said Cross.

Cross said while an endorsement can be beneficial for fundraising, in the grand scheme of things the general public isn’t easily impressed or swayed by endorsements…

“The only people who pay attention to them are politicos. But as far as making a difference to the vast majority of people who are going to pull the lever for a Republican or a Democrat, that endorsement is going to make very little difference,” said Cross.

The official endorsement of Wilson puts to rest rumors that state party chairwoman Katie Bernhardt will run for the state’s highest office. And former U.S. Senate candidate Gary Chambers also endorses Wilson.

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