Louisiana native poisoned with abortion drug in Texas testifies in Baton Rouge


A Shreveport native gives emotional testimony at the state capitol after her husband poisoned her with an abortion-inducing drug and a Texas judge sent him to jail for only 180 days.

Catherine Herring is the sister of Senator Thomas Pressly who’s authored a bill to increase the penalties for such crimes in Louisiana.

“I will continue to fight for justice for the safety of women, fellow victims of domestic violence, and beautiful baby Josephine, as she battles the long-term effects of being poisoned by her father,” said Herring.

She testified in Senate Judiciary C alongside her brother.

The crime of coerced criminalized abortion would be punishable by no less than five, nor more than 10 years and if the unborn child is more than three months of gestational age it would increase to no less than 10 no more than 20 years in prison.

39-year-old Mason Herring, the Texas attorney sentenced to 180 days for poisoning his wife with misoprostol with the intent to abort their child. His wife Catherine Herring is the sister of Shreveport Representative Thomas Pressly.

“As someone who has unknowingly and unwillingly ingested chemical abortion pills, I stand before you today to ask for your protection against this weapon,” said Herring.

Herring was poisoned multiple times and police finally charged her husband after video footage showed her husband lacing drinks he prepared for her.

“Josephine is alive today because I stopped drinking the drinks that the person whom I loved and trusted the most in the world gave to me in a wicked act of deception,” said Herring.

The bill was reportedly favorably out of committee and advances to the Senate.



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