Louisiana receives $1.36 billion to expand high-speed reliable internet service for residents and businesses by 2029


The federal government has awarded Louisiana 1.36 billion dollars for the expansion of affordable, reliable high-speed internet service for businesses and residents. Connect LA Executive Director Veneeth Iyengar says these funds represent the eighth-largest allocation in the country

“We received more money to address the issue than states that have substantially larger populations than us. We feel really confident that we’ll have the financial resources and the federal funds to eliminate the digital divide once and for all.”

Iyengar says Louisiana has now received more than one-point-eight billion dollars in total federal funding for broadband expansion. He says the state has also appropriated $10 million to the community college system to build a workforce that can bring high-speed internet to every area of the state…

“That’s going to ramp up the nearly three thousand folks that are going to complete credentials in all things broadband by 2025.”

Iyengar says the goal is to provide every Louisiana business and home with high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet by 2029.

“I don’t care where you live in Louisiana. In the northwestern part of Caddo to Pointe Ala Hache, to Cameron, to East Carroll…Wherever they are I have to ensure that we get each one of those folks, high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet.”

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