Louisiana Secretary of State says Supreme Court approval for new Congressional map is perfect timing


The U.S. Supreme Court says the most recent congressional map approved by lawmakers with two Black majority districts will be the one used in upcoming federal elections. Louisiana Secretary of State Nancy Landry says the May 15th ruling came just in time.

“I’m very relieved that the court respected our deadline and that we will be… we will have a map in time to implement it in time for the fall elections,” said Landry.

Some questioned why the Secretary of State’s office put a May 15th deadline on having a map in place when the election is not until November. Landry says it takes months to run a statewide election, adding, “[w]hen we have to reprogram our system to put in new districts, that, you know, takes a long time, and it… and everything else comes to a halt while we’re doing that.”

Landry says anyone within the changed districts will know long before they cast any votes, as “[w]e [the state] actually send a card out to every voter whose district has changed to let them know. And it’s also important the candidates need to know because they need to know, you know, if they want to qualify for that seat.”

Qualifying for the Congressional races is from July 17th to 19th.


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