LSP on Terrebonne fatal hit & run: so far both the victim and the guilty party unknown


State Police are seeking the person who struck a pedestrian early Thursday morning on U.S. Highway 90 near Donner, in Terrebonne Parish. Troop C spokesman Ross Brennan says they had a couple calls about a man walking on the four-lane divided highway. Brennan says the speed limit in the rea is 70, and it is not safe for walkers…:

“Not long after, we go those reports…when troopers arrived on scene they located a male that was struck by a vehicle; partially lying in the roadway in the left lane.”  

The unknown male victim suffered serious injuries. He was taken to a New Orleans hospital, where he later died. Trooper Brennan says it is a double mystery; who was the victim and who is the person who fled the scene…?

“At the scene, there was no evidence of the suspect vehicle, so troopers are still trying to determine the make, model and even the color,” says Brennan.

They ask anyone with any knowledge of the hit & run to contact then (985-857-3680, press 0).

Brennan says Troopers investigate far too many roadside deaths and injuries of pedestrians. He says avoid walking along busy roads, and if you must, always walk ON THE LEFT SHOULDER, facing oncoming traffic…:

“…so that way you can see an approaching vehicle. An also to wear brightly-colored clothing – possibly even with reflective material on it. That way other drivers approaching can see you more easily.”

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