LSU celebrates 7th national championship


On a hot, steamy night, thousands of LSU fans went to Alex Box Stadium last night to celebrate the 2023 national champion LSU baseball team. Several star players spoke to the big crowd. Dylan Crews thanked the fans.

“None of this is possible without you guys, these coaches here, this unbelievable, thank you guys for the support, best three years of my life, these guys behind me, I’ve built some of the best relationships with them, we are national champions baby what else can I say,” said Crews.

Paul Skenes put together one of the greatest seasons ever by a college baseball pitcher. Skenes was at Air Force the last two seasons and made the decision to transfer LSU so he can improve as a pitcher and win a natty.

“The brotherhood at Air Force is very difficult to walk away from, but I’m glad I got it here, got to experience it with these boys, you guys are a big reason why I came here, the fans, playing at Alex Box every weekend was way to good to pass up, so glad I came here,” said Skenes.

Coach Jay Johnson says he didn’t spend much time working on his speech as he is already preparing for the 2024 season. But Johnson says he’ll never forget this group of players and the focus they played with in the NCAA Tournament.

“We just talked about two things, for the next four weeks, make sure you have the right head, the right heart, we are five wins away from the College World Series, we are ten from a national championship, even though it took eleven and they absolutely did it,” said Johnson.

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