LSU crime prevention district to go before voters


The governor has signed legislation to create a crime prevention district on LSU’s campus and surrounding neighborhoods. Bill author Baton Rouge Representative Barbara Freiberg said the area is not immediately a crime prevention district, voters must approve the measure first.

“The people who live there will vote on whether or not they want to tax themselves, to beef up their security,” said Freiberg.

Safety in the area, especially Tigerland area has been under the microscope after 19-year-old LSU student Madison Brooks was fatally struck by a car after a night of heavy drinking and an alleged rape in January.

Freiberg said the designation is not forced on property owners and costs for security measures within the crime prevention district are not funded by the state. She said if voters approve the district, it means…

“We want our area to be more secure and we are willing to pay an extra property tax, basically is what it is, to enhance the security in our district,” Freiberg explained.

Once approved, Freiberg said a board, with representation from business owners, the university, and residents inside the district will be appointed. And it’s those board members who will make decisions on how security will be implemented.

“Actually in the legislation it talks about security patrol, police patrol, and beautification being two major things that they would look at doing, “ said Freiberg.

Board members will serve four-year terms and the board is also subject to open meeting laws.


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