LSU Lady Tigers visit the White House


During the LSU Lady Tigers’ visit to the White House this afternoon, Freshman backup forward Smyah Smith collapsed while President Biden was giving his remarks. Shortly beforehand Biden praised the team and coach Kim Mulkey, who’s been to the White House five times now representing a championship team.

“Less than a year ago you’d never even played together. And coach, like I said you’re Hall of Fame, isn’t this getting old for you?” Biden asked Mulkey.

Biden also pointed out their National Championship game was the most-watched game in woman’s basketball. The President also said he wasn’t surprised when Angel Reese was named the most outstanding player, but he also blamed her for the recent inflation on the hard pines.

“Demand for tickets so high, you know you made it more expensive for people to come. The cost of tickets went up ten times,” the President joked.

Biden also got a round of applause when he pointed out that ticket prices for the women’s basketball team cost more than the men’s team. He thanked them for the example they’ve set for young women across the country and the kindness they’ve extended to their fans.

“And then we’ve seen you take the time to talk with them, to laugh with them. Show millions of our daughters they can do anything as well, anything. In this team we saw hope, pride and we saw purpose, it matters,” said Biden.

Smith fainted during the visit while standing behind the President on the risers with her teammates. The ceremony was briefly halted, and Smith is reportedly back on her feet.


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