LSU Professor believe submersible expedition went out of control mid-water


The U.S. Coast Guard says wreckage from the missing submersible that was taking five people to the sunken site of the Titanic has been found. The pilot and four other crewmembers are believed to be dead according to the expedition company. LSU Professor Christopher Drew, Co-author of the Robert Ballard Memoir – the explorer who found the Titanic, says the lack of proper equipment made it difficult to find the vessel.

“You know how a plane goes down in the ocean and there’s a black box that pings and you can find it? There’s nothing down there pinging. And the guy who owns the company was bragging that they have an X-Box controller to run the submersible.”

The submersible named Titan left Sunday with only 96 hours of oxygen and lost contact about an hour and 45 minutes into the dive. The vessel free falls one hundred feet a minute taking about an hour and a half to two hours to get to the sea floor. Oceangate says the submersible may have exploded. Drew says it’s possible that the underway expedition went out of control mid-water

“If the ocean pressure would last through that at some point it would have just gotten obliterated.”

Robert Ballard and his team discovered the remnants of the Titanic in 1985. Drew says there are many dangers associated with manned submarine travel.

“It’s that kind of thrill-seeking mentality that attracts people. Ballard’s always pointing out that it’s fifteen hundred people died there like Gettysburg  he said it should be a sacred site.”

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