Lt Governor Billy Nungesser continues to build relationships for international travel in Australia


Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser has been in the land down under for a little over a week to promote international travel to the Bayou State. Nungesser says the mission is to build relationships to get Aussies to see what we have to offer.

“Everybody that travels from here uses a travel agent. It’s so far to go so they stay a long time. So we wanted to make sure we got in front of these tour operators to make sure they’re planning trips to Louisiana to up our game. And let know of all the great things we have.”

In 2019 prior to the pandemic, more than 38,000 people from Australia generated over $62 million in visitor spending. Australia is a top 15 market of origin for people coming to visit Louisiana. Nungesser says this opens a door to promote the state internationally.

“We’re going to be adding India, Italy, and Spain. We’re going to Canada next month also the UK, Germany, and France but now we’re going to be expanding and opening our doors to three new international markets cause we know they see more of Louisiana in one city and they spend a lot of money.”

He met with The All-Black Team – New Zealand’s most successful rugby team – about Louisiana being a host state for the Rugby World Cup which will be held in the U.S. in 2031 and 2033. Nungesser says the visit isn’t just about tourism.

“We also met with the movie industry to talk about us reupping our movie credits and we met with some of the U.S. Commerce Department people here about all the great products that come out of Louisiana. So we try to meet with everybody we can when we come this far.”

Louisiana is one of three states to receive a grant for $300,000 for the next three years from the International Commerce Department to market international travel to the U-S. Nungesser along with representatives from New Orleans and Lafayette will return on Saturday.

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