Lumen Technologies in Monroe donates it’s massive campus to ULM


Lumen Technologies announces it is donating its local facilities campus to U.L.-Monroe. Lumen is moving more to hybrid and remote work, leaving the two buildings largely unused. ULM President Dr. Ronald Berry says Lumen (originally known as CenturyTel) approached them about the 800-thousand square foot facility. Berry says, “it includes a new technology center for excellence that is probably one of the most technologically advanced buildings in the South. So we’re very excited about the opportunities and very appreciative to Lumen’s leadership.”

Lumen’s Mark Molzen says, as more employee’s started working from home, they sought a suitable use for their large two-building campus. He says they have had a long partnership with ULM and giving the university the facility seems like the right move…:

“That means roughly about 800-thousand square feet are now accessible to ULM, its students, faculty and alumni,” says Molzen.

Lumen plans to lease back just over 50-thousand square feet of space for meetings and in-person events. ULM President Ron Berry says the university will seek to recruit local and regional firms to move into the former Lumen Technologies Center for Excellence…:

“…and lease part of the space to them, but we’re also looking at maybe some ULM uses at the facility.”

The mixed-use commercial facility will be renamed for CenturyTel founder Clarke Williams.

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