Megan Moroney recalls how “Tennessee Orange” was almost never released


As “Tennessee Orange” continues its ascension on the country charts, Megan Moroney is recalling how the song almost never saw the light of day.

“We weren’t even going to put out ‘Tennessee Orange,"” Megan reveals to ABC Audio.

“It was almost football season about the time it was supposed to come out. And I was like, ‘Honestly, if we don’t put this out now, I’ll probably write another Georgia-like-ish football-ish song that I’ll probably like better in a year by the time next football season comes around. So if we don’t put this one out now, it might never get put out,"” adds the Georgia native.

That eventually led to the serendipitous September 2022 release of “Tennessee Orange.” Nine months later, the song’s now on its way to being Megan’s first #1 hit.

“The opportunity came and we just decided to put it out,” Megan shares of the decision her team and label home Sony Music Nashville made. “We were just following up something for the EP because I felt like my fans wanted something else. So we were like, ‘Sure, we’ll give them this one."”

“Tennessee Orange” is featured on Megan’s debut album, LUCKY. The song’s currently #3 and rising on the country charts.

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