Metro Boomin deems his joint project with Future the “ultimate album”


With the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse out of the way, Metro Boomin is focused on his joint project with Future, which he says will be the “ultimate album.”

“Now that Spider-Man is out and people are loving and resonating with it, my focus can go to what me and Pluto got coming out,” the producer said when speaking to Complex. “I’m not doing anything until that gets done.”

“It’s tunnel vision on that one because I was spreading myself thin between Heroes & Villains, Spider-Man, Coachella, and still shooting videos for Heroes,” he continued. “But now the focus is on this album and we’ve been working.”

Metro first announced his joint album with Future in December and has been teasing the project since. With hits including “Mask Off,” “Honest,” “Wicked,” “Where Ya At” and the Drake-assisted “Jumpman” under their belt, the producer’s aware of “how important this album from both of us is going to be.”

“With our track record, it’s important that we deliver and not miss at all,” he said. “Me and him working together is easy ’cause we’ve been doing it for 10-plus years.”

“He’s one of the best artists to work with like that,” Metro added. “I feel like that’s why we get the results that we do because we don’t come in with any ego. He’s completely there asking you what he should do and what you like. With some other people, sometimes you have to eat whatever s*** they give you that day. But with Pluto, he’s on the same s*** I’m on, and I tell him, let’s make the hardest s*** we can make, and he’s all in.”

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